Strategy 3: Supporting Instructor with CES Engagement

November 21, 2023

“Some professors do a really good job trying to prioritize or make it sound like this feedback is really going to be used.They say ‘it's really important that we hear your voice, so I can understand how I can improve my course in the future.’ In those cases, I'll try to fill out the survey.” 

- SFU Student #10*

Our response rate data shows that instructors who actively engage with CES by adding instructor questions have a higher response rate than those who do not. Students have also expressed that they are motivated to complete a survey for a course when the instructors communicate the value of students’ feedback and remind students to participate. To support instructors' engagement with CES, we have created an improved question bank and are now holding workshops on how CES questions can support inquiry into teaching and learning. 

Improved Question Bank

We analyzed the questions instructor select from the question bank, as well as the questions they create, to update our CES question bank to provide an effective and relevant set of questions that instructors can use directly or customize to fit their needs. 

Workshops for Instructors

In Fall 2023, LEAP supported TILT with the workshop “Tools for Inquiry: Conducting Inquiry Using CES”, to encourage and support instructors’ engagement and effective use of CES. This workshop will run again in Spring 2024. 

*Quote from a participant in the SETC Improvement Project