Common Core Questions

A new Common Core question set will be launched at the end of the Fall 2022 term. You can download the spreadsheets below to see both question sets:

One of the new CES questions is about course workload and uses the SFU Senate approved interpretation of a unit (credit). Click here to view the Senate document.

Developing Common Core Questions

The Common Core questions were developed iteratively using a consulatory process involving faculty, students and leadership. Please click here to find the final report. 

The following reports and methdologies informed the new question set.

1) Prior reports
The Common Core question set is built upon four foundational reports: 1) the SETC University-level question set 2) Teaching and Course Evaluation Project (TCEP) Working group report; 3) Teaching Assessment Working Group (TAWG) report titled Strategies to Value Effective Teaching; and 4) the SETC Improvement Project (SIP) reports.

2) Consultations
Consultation sessions were held with SFUFA, TSSU, and other stakeholder groups. All faculty were invited to provide feedback about the Common Core questions.

3) Student Interviews
LEAP ran a study in which 73 students across three rounds, were interviewed about their interpretation and understanding of the questions.  Access the full report here.

4) Summer 2022 Pilot
The new core questions were also being piloted in a sample of 23 courses from the Summer 2022 term. Click here for the report.