reminders for students

Our team will automatically send a survey invitation and two reminder emails to students over the course of a two-week survey period. However, research confirms that encouragement from instructors can significantly boost student response rates. Here are some optional tools you can use to engage with your students and show them that their feedback is important to you.

1. student invitation

On the first day of your survey, students will receive an email from us inviting them to provide feedback. The students' email will contain a general link to login to the survey portal with their CAS ID. If you are using Canvas, a link to the survey portal will appear under the 'Course Evaluation' section starting on this day.  You will also receive an email notifying you that the survey has started. 

Acknowledging that the survey is now live in your next class will help students understand that their feedback is important to you. Providing 15-minutes of in-class time to participate in the survey is recommended to improve response rate. Below you can find a reminder slide for in-person courses. There is also Canvas announcement (or email) messaging if you are teaching asynchronously:

Today you should have received an email from the Course Experience Survey (CES) program inviting you to give feedback about your learning experience in this course. I would appreciate it if you could please take some time to provide me with your honest reflection. Your responses are confidential and I count on your feedback to improve this course and reflect on my teaching approach. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

2. half-way reminder

About half-way through the survey period (~7 days) we will send students who have not completed all of the course surveys a reminder and a link to sign-in. You will also receive an email. Check your response rate monitor and see how many students have participated. If your response rate seems a bit low, it might be worth sharing the response rate with your students and giving in-class time again using the power point slide above or sending a Canvas announcement. 

3. last day reminder

Students will recieve a final email from us on the last day of the survey period. You will also receive an email. Like with the half-way reminder, check your response rate monitor and see how many students have participated in the survey and determine if it would be useful to prompt them again.