Frequently Asked Questions

Which courses are currently using SFU’s online course survey system?

All faculties have adopted our program since Summer 2020.

Are teaching assistants included in the course survey process?

At this point in time, TSSU has not yet agreed to allow the university to use CES with TAs and TMs.  They have only made an exception for some of their members, specifically Sessional Instructors.  

How are students notified about the course surveys?

Students receive an email inviting them to provide feedback for their course two weeks before the last day of class, followed by several email reminders. They can log in at any point during the final two weeks to complete their online survey. However, to ensure high response rates, we encourage you to provide them with time in class to fill out their surveys.

How can I know whether students in my class have completed their course experience surveys?

You can log in to the course survey system ( at any time during the survey period to see the response rate for your course. However, you will not be able to see which individuals have completed the survey.

How do I log in to the CES system to view my reports?

Log in here:

Once you are logged in, click Reports in the left sidebar.

How do I log in to pick questions that I would like to add to the survey questionaire?

You will receive an email message with a link inviting you to choose your questions for the survey questionaire. You will have the option of creating up to four questions by following the link.

What happens if I don't pick or create my own questions?

Your students will still receive a survey that includes Common Core Questions and Discipline module questions.

Who sees the results of my student surveys?

** The resulting data from Fall 2020 - Summer 2022 evaluations will only be provided to instructors. **

The CES system generates a report from the results of your course survey.

You receive the responses to all questions on the survey.

The head of your academic unit (i.e., Chair or Director) receives the responses to all questions on the survey EXCEPT the ones that you chose or created.

The Dean of your Faculty sees aggregated results from all courses within the Faculty, again with the exception of the answers to questions created by individual instructors.

Why can’t I log in to the system?

Please ensure that you are using your SFU Central Authentication Service (CAS) login ID, and not an alias.

For example, jsmith, and not jillian_smith.

I just got an email from a student who says he dropped my course, but still received a survey invitation. Why did that happen?

The system uses a "snapshot" of student data provided by Student Services at a particular point in time. This means that students enrolled in a course during Week 10 of the semester will receive a survey invitation even if they subsequently drop the course.

How do I confirm that the questions I have selected will be added the survey?

On the “My Dashboard” page, the course survey system shows the status of any tasks assigned to you (see picture below). If the task shows as “Completed,” your questions have been successfully submitted.