Survey tools

There may be situations when an educator wants to collect survey responses or information outside of our program (i.e., mid-semester feedback, pre-course).  When designing a survey, pay special attention to the nature of the questions you are asking and whether the students will feel comfortable responding honestly. This consideration could also inform whether or not you want to make the survey anonymous.

Below is a listing of a few survey software applications that are available at SFU.


Canvas includes a dashboard feature that allows instructors to create a type of quiz called 'ungraded' that can be used as a survey. Once the survey, or 'ungraded quiz,' is published online, students can login to their Canvas course page and participate. Click here for information on how to create a quiz.


SurveyMonkey is a full-featured web survey tool offered by SFU, click here for more information.


WebSurvey is an online survey application hosted entirely within SFU’s data centre, click here for more information.