Our team relies heavily on Managers of Academic and Administrative Services (MAASs) and their staff across the university to oversee the scheduling of end-of-course surveys, administration within academic units, and assistance with data and reporting needs.

If your role includes any of the aforementioned responsibilities, this page is for you—browse through for updates about procedural information, timelines, etc.

MAAS's are required to schedule and publish their department's course surveys at the beginning of every semester. This process involves including/excluding courses to be surveyed, editing the dates of the survey period for specific courses if needed, merging courses, etc. Detailed instructions about this process can be found on our Survey Scheduler page.

Towards the end of the semester, MAAS's will have to update/assign report viewers within their department/School. Report viewers will be able to access course reports once they have been released after the final grade deadline. Read through our Report Viewers page for more on this.