Assigning Report Viewers

Managers of Academic and Administrative Services will have the ability to assign report viewers for their Department/School and associated Faculty through their CE Survey Portal. Prompts to do so will be emailed by the CE Survey team at the end of each semester.


Please note that assigning access means giving someone the ability to log into the CE Survey portal and view/download reports for each course in a specific subject area. Some units may want to restrict access and just have one or two people log in and download reports to disseminate. CE survey data is considered sensitive and as such, report viewers should follow the best practices set by SFU’s Privacy Office when handling this information.

The CE Survey team recommends that each report viewer logs in and views reports within the CE Survey portal rather than downloading them or saving them to individual computers. If your department/school has established secure data storage procedures then it may be appropriate to download and disseminate reports yourself.

Please note that adding or failing to remove a report viewer that should not have access is a privacy breach.

How to assign Report Viewers

We have put together this Report Viewer Set up Guide to help Managers of Academics and Administrative Services successfuly assign and publish report viewers.

Training sessions can also be provided for new administrative staff upon request. Please email to schedule a session.