Types Of Reports

Currently, there are two types of reports available in pdf format:

  • Instructor Report 
  • Course Report

Instructor Reports

Instructor Reports contain aggregated student responses to each core, discipline, and instructor question. Instructors gain access to their reports immediately after the semester's official final grade deadline. The following reports are what an instructor can expect to have when they log in to their Course Survey Portal:

  • Instructor Report 
    • With Student Comments
    • Without Student Comments
  • Instructor Low Response Report: This report is generated when less than 5 students have responded to the course survey.
    • With Student Comments
    • Without Student Comments

Department Chairs/Directors will receive a similar report called a Course Report, however, these reports will not contain responses to Instructor Selected Questions you may have included.

Instructor's access to Instructor reports is managed by the CES Team and does not require any setting up by departments. Refer to our Important Dates for the exact report release date each semester.

Course Reports

The Course Report includes student responses to each core and discipline question aggregated as means and standard deviations for every course survey generated each term. The Course Report also includes response counts, frequencies, and student comments. The responses to Instructor Selected questions are not included in this report.

The Course Reports are available with and without student comments.

These reports will be available to department administrators such senior management (Chairs, Directors, Deans, etc.) and administrative staff that require access to fulfill their role responsibilities.

Access to Course Reports within each department is managed by Managers of Academic and Administrative Services in Departments and Schools across SFU.

(NEW!) Instructor Biennial Reports

The Instructor Biennial Report includes the cumulative aggregate statistical results of an instructor’s Course Experience Survey report data over the last six terms provided a course survey was run and had 5 or more respondents in each given term.  

Please note that departmental access to course reports was paused from Fall 2020 – Summer 2022 therefore, data spanning the last six terms that will be included in this report will only include CES data beginning from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. Data from Spring and Summer of 2022 will be excluded.

Purpose and Content

These reports were created to be used as a supplemental resource to support the Biennial Review process and will be made available to TPC’s, Chairs, and Deans. 

The report data includes student responses to close-ended common core questions that appear on every course survey and measure various teaching attributes of an instructor such as approachability, student engagement, supportiveness, etc. Currently, the report does not include student comments.

Who has Access to these Reports?

Report Viewers assigned by Managers of Academic and Administrative Services within departments across SFU will have access to these instructor biennial reports for instructors within their department/faculty. These report viewers include but are not limited to Program Assistants, Chairs, Directors, and their Associates. Deans, Associate Deans, and administrative staff in faculties that require access to fulfill their role responsibilities.

When will these Reports be Released?

These reports will be made available in early Spring of 2024. Check back here for more information in January.