Webcast your event

A webcast is a media presentation distributed live or on demand over the Internet. It uses streaming technology to deliver content from a single source to multiple viewers. Although webcasting is not designed to support many-to-many video interaction the way video conferencing does, our webcasting service offers remote viewers the ability to submit questions to the speaker while a webcast is being broadcast.

Call on our webcasting team when you want to reach a larger audience:

  • For presentations
  • For conferences
  • For special events

Watch other webcasts

Creative Studio produces webcasts of selected talks, conferences, and events of interest to the SFU community. For a list of upcoming webcasts, check the Webcast Schedule.

All videos and webcasts shot by the Creative Studio are stored in an archive. Check the Video Library for a catalogue of publicly available videos and webcasts.

Viewing Requirements

A high-speed Internet connection (for example, ADSL or cable) is required to view video streams. Dial-up connections are not adequate.


If you watch video while performing other tasks on your computer, the audio and video components may become out of sync. Refreshing the link in your browser should synchronize the audio and video.

Contact Information

Jason Margolis
604.671.3943 | jmargoli@sfu.ca