Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answers many questions about applying to the MA in Applied Legal Studies Program (MAALS). Please read carefully to see if your question has been answered here. You should contact the Administrative Coordinator if your question is not answered.

1.     How much is tuition for this program?

The current tuition fee for this program is $249.25/credit. The program consists of 33 credits for a total cost of $8,225.25 plus the cost of course materials and other applicable student fees. Students should budget approximately $10,000 for the entire program.

Please note that tuition fees are always subject to change.

For more information visit

2.     Are there any financial aid (scholarship, bursary, etc.) options for this program?

Unfortunately, there are no financial aid options for this specialty graduate program.

3.     What are the admission requirements for this program?

Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher with a minimum 3.0 CGPA.

Applicants whose first language is not English must complete an IELTS or TOEFL language test.

The English language requirements for any SFU graduate program can be found on

4.     How and when do I apply for the MAALS program?

The first step for an application into this program is to set up a meeting with the BC Society of Notaries Public between September and December of each year.

They will look at your application documents (transcripts, CV, etc.) and assess whether or not you would be a good fit. Once they have approved you in principle, they forward your application to the MAALS administrative coordinator for review. The MAALS administrative coordinator will then assist you with the SFU graduate student application process. 

5.     How many applicants are admitted into the MAALS program each year?

The Notary Society receives over 200 applicants each year. The program only admits 30 to 35 students per cohort each year.

6.     Does completion of the MAALS program mean that I am a notary public?

No, completion of this program does not automatically mean that you are a notary public. In addition to the MAALS program, students must successfully pass the Notary Society’s supplementary training requirements, the statutory examinations, and be installed as a notary public by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

7.     Is it possible to complete the MAALS program on a part-time basis?

Yes, a part-time option is available to students. The administrative coordinator will create a customized course-plan, which must be approved by the director. MAALS courses are offered on a cohort basis, so part-time students should expect to delay the completion of their program by at least one calendar year.

8.     How many hours of coursework are expected for this program?

This will depend on the study skills of each student, and their practical and academic experience. Each course involves two hours each week of classes (online) plus related study activity and the completion of assignments. 

9.     Will my MAALS degree help me apply to law school? Can my MAALS credits be counted towards any other degree?

The MAALS is a specialized graduate level program designed for the sole purpose of becoming a notary public in BC. Course credits are not automatically transferable to another program. 

10.     I have a degree which was completed outside of Canada. Would I be eligible to apply for admission into the MAALS program?

We ask that students with degrees completed outside of Canada have all of their educational credentials (undergraduate and graduate) assessed by the International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) offered at BCIT. For more information please visit

Please note that the ICES evaulation is the only one that is accepted for students with international degrees looking to apply for admission to the MAALS program.