Criminology Master of Arts Program

Note - Degree Requirements and Admission criteria were revised for admissions beginning in Fall 2016. There will no longer be a Course, Practicum and Project Option. Entrants wishing to engage in a practicum experience and/or pursue applied/evaluation research will be able to do so within the Thesis Option.


The Graduate Programs Committee values the initiative shown by students to reach out to potential supervisors prior to submitting their application.

Senior Supervisor

  • After admission to the Graduate Program (M.A.), the student is expected to become familiar with faculty interests in order to identify a potential Senior Supervisor. 
  • The senior supervisor will counsel the student regarding course work, academic direction and the selection of a Supervisory Committee. 

Supervisory Committee

  • A full Supervisory Committee should be identified by the second term in the program.
  • Students are advised that it is extremely helpful to produce a brief written outline of the proposal for thesis research prior to committee formation.
  • The Supervisory Committee will normally consist of at least two faculty members from the School of Criminology.
  • University procedures specify that a formal application to the Dean of Graduate Studies confirming Supervisory Committees is required (Approval of Supervisory Committee form), and must be submitted to the Graduate Programs Assistant by the second semester in the program.
  • Any changes to committees (for example, if one member will be absent from campus for an extended period) require approval in the same manner on a Change of Supervisory Committee form.

DOWNLOAD FORMS from Dean of Graduate Studies website.

Absence of Senior Supervisor

While the student is developing their thesis it may be necessary for the Senior Supervisor to be away from campus for periods of time. Senate regulation 1.6.3 states: If the Senior Supervisor is planning to be off-campus for any length of time, he/she shall arrange for proper supervision of the student during his/her absence. The Graduate Programs Committee and the Dean of Graduate Studies shall be informed in writing of any such arrangement.