Graduate Director's Welcome

Dr. Bryan Kinney
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs 

I would like to welcome, in particular, prospective, new and returning students to our Graduate Program pages, as well as faculty, staff and those checking in from outside of our SFU community.  Graduate study is obviously a significant and long-term commitment, and not only for the student themselves, but their support networks.  This academic year is especially important for the School as we are excited to meet not one, but two, incoming cohorts as we begin to return to “face-to-face” classes once again.  Recent health and other world events have—in my view at least—serve as reminders of how important it is to have opportunities to pursue advanced degrees in a supportive learning environment such as we have here. 

I encourage you to become involved in the life of the academic community.  Developing social connections and engagement with the wider academic community will help you to get the most from your time here.  Get involved with the Criminology graduate caucus, the Graduate Student Society, or one of the many clubs and  initiatives at SFU.  Connect with the Indigenous Student Centre, Out on Campus, or the Women's Centre.  Build friendships with your fellow students!

Welcome, everyone, and best wishes for 2021/2022.


Graduate Programs Committee

Graduate Programs Director: Dr. Bryan Kinney (chair)

Dr. Garth Davies

Dr. Richard Frank

Dr. Alexandra Lysova 

Dr. Evan McCuish

Dr. Danielle Murdoch

Dr. Zachary Rowan 

Dr. Rylan Simpson

Dr. Stephanie Wiley