Ahmed, Simran (she/her)

Education: BA Simon Fraser University, MA Criminology - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Risk assessments; sex offending; intimate partner violence; corrections policy and practice; police community relations

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Maaike Helmus (supervisor), Dr. Evan McCuish (committee member)


Bouchard, Jessica 

Education: BA - St. Thomas University, MA - Simon Fraser University 

Research Interests: Program evaluation; community-based corrections; meta-analysis; crime prevention/intervention; policy analysis; evidence-based practices

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Jennifer Wong


Dub, Dilvur

Education:  BA (Hon) Criminology and Justice - Ontario Tech University, MA Criminal Justice - University of the Fraser Valley

Research Interests: Criminal justice system; perceptions of the police; youth gangs; youth gang prevention/intervention programs; mixed methods research

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Curt Griffiths


Doering, Sara (she/her)

Education: BA (Hon), MA Criminology - Simon Fraser University 

Research Interests: Terrorism and violent extremism; right-wing extremism; quantitative research methods; terrorism risk assessment; mental health and violence; adolescent offending

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Garth Davies, Dr. Ray Corrado


Farrell, Jack (he/him) 

Education: LL.B - Trinity College Dublin, MA Global Criminology - Utrecht University

Research Interests: Drug policy; harm reduction; social constructions of deviance; community-engaged research

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Alissa Greer  


Gushue, Kelsey

Education: BA, MA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Young offenders; developmental and life course criminology; criminological theory; quantitative research methods

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Evan McCuish


Janus, Soraya

Education: BA, MA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Wrongful convictions; miscarriages of justice; false confessions; expert testimony; policing; commissions of inquiry; innocence projects; victimology; Canadian law

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Gail S. Anderson


King, Steff (they/them)

Education: BSc - University of Idaho

Research Interests: Forensic investigative practice; Indigenous justice; MMIWG2

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Gail S. Anderson (senior supervisor), Dr. Ted Palys


Kocsis, Kristina (she/her)

Education: BA - St. Thomas University, MA - Wilfrid Laurier University 

Research Interests: Corrections and penology; mental health and mental illness; stress; criminal responsibility; quantitative research methods; mixed methods research; policy analysis 

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Evan McCuish, Dr. Danielle Murdoch


Lam, Vienna (she/her)

Education: BA, MA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Forensic anthropology; taphonomy; thanatology; aquatic deaths; drowning prevention.

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Gail S. Anderson (senior supervisor), Dr. Bryan Kinney


McGuire, Michaela | Jaad Gudgihljiwah 

Education: BA, MA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Haida justice; decolonization and resurgence; Haida identity & belonging; racism against Indigenous peoples; Indigenous rights and sovereignty; self-governance; Indigenous women and corrections

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Ted Palys


Michener, Suzanna (she/her)

Education: BA - University of British Columbia, MSc - The University of Sheffield

Research Interests: Forensic anthropology; forensic science; miscarriages of justice; biological anthropology; biological explanations of crime; epigenetics

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Lynne Bell


Ryu, Hana 

Education: BA, MA Criminology - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Criminological theory; developmental and life course criminology; gangs; quantitative/qualitative research methods; social network analysis; victimization; youth offending

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Evan McCuish, Dr. Martin Bouchard


Sandrin, Ryan (he/him) 

Education: BA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Emergency communications; experimental criminology; intimate partner violence; perceptions of police; policing; police recruitment; research methods; sociology of sport

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Rylan Simpson


Turpin, Chantal (she/her)

Education: BSc (Hon) Anthropology, BSc (Hon) Forensic Science - Trent University, MA Criminology - Simon Fraser University 

Research Interests: Technology-facilitated sexual violence; online sexual harassment; harassment in video game culture

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Sheri Fabian (co-lead supervisor), Dr. Bryan Kinney (co-lead supervisor), Dr. Richard Frank (committee member)


Ueda, Momo (she/her)

Education: BSc - University of British Columbia, MA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Stable isotope forensics; forensic human identification; human geolocation.

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Lynne Bell


Wood, Becca (she/her) 

Education: BA - University of Birmingham

Research Interests: Animal violence; intimate partner violence; the legal landscape of sentience; captivity and bestiality; sexual violence against women; minority victims

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Gail S. Anderson


Wu, Edith (she/her) 

Education: BA (Hon.), MA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Terrorism and political violence; extremism; political activism; radicalization; research methods.

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Garth Davies; Dr. Ray Corrado; Dr. Sheri Fabian


Zakimi, Naomi (she/her) 

Education: BA (Hon), MA Criminology - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Criminal achievement; criminal capital; social networks; drug crimes; drug policy; mixed methods

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Martin Bouchard


Zdjelar, Vanja (she/her)

Education: BA (Hon) Criminology, BA Political Science and Communications - Simon Fraser University

MA Criminology - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Terrorism, mysoginist extremism, right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism, research methods, policing

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Garth Davies


Zhang, Yuxuan (Cicilia)

Education: BA, MA - Simon Fraser University

Research Interests: Cybersecurity; critical infrastructure; open-source intelligence (OSINT); social engineering; cyberterrorism; cyber warfare

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee: Dr. Richard Frank