Criminology’s Field Practice Program opens professional doors for Manprit Badyal

November 01, 2019

By Adhil Naidu

Fourth-year criminology student Manprit Badyal is opening career doors before his degree is even finished. Last term, Badyal completed a work practicum at one of Vancouver’s downtown criminal law firms, MN Law, where he was able to get a glimpse into the inner workings of a legal career.

The Criminology Field Practice Program integrates learning with service for undergraduate students, giving Badyal the opportunity to take huge strides in building his future. The Field Practice Program helps students like Baydal learn occupational skills and develop professional relationships with organizations involved in the criminal justice sector. After a simple application process for entry into the program, Badyal was ready and well-equipped for a successful work practicum.

“The Field Practice Program offers placements in agencies and firms where you intend to work in the future,” says Badyal. “You can get your foot in the door at your desired profession and company, as well as a glimpse into how it operates.”

Badyal, who has plans on pursuing a legal career in the future, was fascinated by the opportunity to attend court and found it an invaluable experience. Getting the first-hand experience at MN Law allowed him to apply his knowledge from school while developing professional connections with one of the top criminal defence lawyers in British Columbia.

The one-credit prerequisite course required to enter the program helped polish Badyal’s resume, cover letter and interview skills. Through the course assignments, he learned more about the law firm he would be working at and prepared for what was expected of him during his practicum.

After gaining professional experience through the program, Manprit is feeling confident in his pursuit of a job in the legal field post-graduation.

“This program has allowed me to get the requisite work experience when applying for jobs in the future after I complete my degree,” says Badyal. “It’s helpful to put your degree to work before it’s even completed.”

Badyal emphasizes that anyone looking to get a head start on their career should take advantage of this program.

“You may fall in love with your desired profession, or your experience in the field might make you open to alternatives,” says Badyal. “At the end of this program, you will be more comfortable with knowing what you want for yourself.”


Visit the Field Practice Program for full details on prerequisites, deadlines, and expectations.