Honours students successfully defend theses with remarkable research

April 20, 2022

By Adriana González Braniff

Congratulations to this year’s (2022) honours students!

Coming up with a unique research topic and collecting solid data is not an easy task. However, the SFU Criminology 2022 honours students made the challenge look simple, with impressive presentations demonstrating quality research.  

The group of 17 students presented their completed theses virtually to classmates, faculty, and staff this past April 12-14. Each student had 20 minutes to present the purpose of their research, the methodology used, and the implications of the results. The audience also had the opportunity to ask questions and give suggestions at the end.

All presentations were extremely interesting, highlighting current matters relevant to the community.

Topics included: crime among Indigenous Peoples, Black perceptions and experiences of justice in Canada, race and policing on TV, sexual homicide, terrorist narratives, radicalization in the COVID-19 era, systemic racism in the Canadian Criminal Justice System, the effects of wrongful convictions, immigration detention practices, the overdose crisis in British Columbia, academic dishonesty, the effect of mental illnesses on youth sentencing outcomes, and the portrayal of missing and murdered Indigenous men and boys in the media.

Upon graduating in Summer 2022, the students all have exciting plans: graduate school, law school, and promising career paths.

SFU Criminology congragulates each student for this accomplishment and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.

2022 Honours Students


Ashley Kyne

"A Culturally-Informed Examination of Correlates of Crime among Indigenous Peoples"

Supervisor: Dr. Maaike Helmus


Jasmin Naidu

"Activism and The Criminal Justice System: Understanding Black Perceptions and Experiences of Justice in Canada"

Supervisor: Dr. Sheri Fabian


Harman Sangra

“That’s Racist”: The Portrayal of Race and Policing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Supervisor: Dr. Sheri Fabian


Poppy Sun

"Extreme Crime Scene Behaviours in Sexual Homicides"

Supervisor: Dr. Eric Beauregard


Mei Yuan

"Incels or In (jail) Cells? An Exploration on Incel Killers Compared to Forum Users"

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Frank


Gabriel Pratico

"Written in Blood & Glass: Terrorist Narratives, e-Communities, and Mass Media Discursive Strategies and Themes"

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Frank


Bo Min Keum

"Morphed, Entangled, and United: Introducing the Hybridity of Radicalization in the COVID-19 era"

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Frank


Kirat Kaur Chattwal

"The Colour of Law: Analyzing Judicial Responses to claims of Systemic Racism in the Canadian Criminal Justice System"

Supervisor – Dr. Tamara O’Doherty


Cassie Pacholski

"Convicting the Innocent: An Analysis of the Effects of Wrongful Convictions and Available Remedies"

Supervisor: Dr. Gail Anderson


Lea von Salzen

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind: An Analysis of Immigration Detention Practices in Canada and Germany"

Supervisor: Dr. Tamara O’Doherty


Charlotte Taylor-Baer

"Plagues in Our Criminal Justice System: A Cross-National Analysis of Wrongful Convictions"

Supervisor: Dr. Gail Anderson


Juliana Babic

"A Hidden Agenda: News Media Coverage of the Overdose Crisis in British Columbia"

Supervisor name: Dr. Alissa Greer


Victoria Lopatka

"An Epidemic Within a Pandemic: Exploring the Perceived Impact of COVID-19 on People Who Use Drugs in British Columbia"

Supervisor: Dr. Alissa Greer


Noah Norton

"The Role of Group Chats: Diffusion of Responsibility in Instances of Academic Dishonesty"

Supervisor name: Dr. Zachary Rowan


Samantha Ashley Olsen

"Analyzing the Effect of Mental Illnesses on the Sentencing Outcomes for Canadian Youth Under the YCJA"

Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie Wiley


Tyler Mierzwa

"Catalytic Converter Theft in British Columbia: Is Regulation a Viable Solution?"

Supervisor: Dr. Bryan Kinney


Simone Tardif

"Forgotten but Remembered: The Portrayal of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men and Boys in Canadian News Media"

Supervisor: Dr. Danielle Murdoch