Graduate Focus

Josh Murphy presented at Visualizing Justice Conference

May 31, 2015

Recently, Josh Murphy, PhD student, and researcher in the Police Studies Centre attended the 2015 Visualizing Justice Conference at the University of Winnipeg.

The theme of the conference involved the exploration of justice, visuality, and visibility, and included presentations on a wide range of topics, crossing a broad spectrum of disciplines. Topics included the representation of justice through film and other visual media, visibility and sex work, visibility in the penal system, the role of social media in social protest, and visualizing indigenous justice.

While representing SFU, Josh presented on an aspect of his MA research, which looked at the impact of increased public visibility on police use decision-making and training. This was the only police-related presentation at the conference and offered a different lens through which to examine visibility in the justice system.

“I think any discussions of visibility and justice must include the perspective of the police. They are the most visible branch of the justice system and this visibility has only increased with the proliferation of technology and social media. This visibility has a real impact on police and I think it was important to speak about this at the conference,” said Murphy.

The presentation received considerable interest and generated lively discussion among attendees.

Overall, the conference provided an excellent opportunity to highlight the interesting research that the Police Studies Centre is producing.

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