Employee Profile

New staff member joins Crim team

February 28, 2015

Jeni Koumoutsakis has ten years of experience helping keep offices organized and running efficiently at SFU.  

Koumoutsakis recently joined the School of Criminology as an administrative secretary. Before becoming part of the Criminology team, she worked as an assistant to the chair in the Department of Psychology for eight years. She started her career at SFU in the Department of Mathematics as the chair’s secretary.

“We’re lucky to have had the opportunity to hire Jeni; she understands the environment very well – from the requirements for hiring new faculty to the details involved in tenure, promotion and salary review cases. She has a vast range of experience,” says Director Neil Boyd.

Koumoutsakis’ main job function is to assist with the organization and maintenance of faculty records. She’s charged with handling the paperwork for sessional appointments, faculty salary reviews, tenure position renewals, and study leave requests. She also assists the School’s director and manager with administrative work.

“I’m excited to be working for the School of Criminology. The position is challenging me to learn a new set of systems and processes. I am also taking on assignments that were not required in my previous jobs. It’s very enjoyable and rewarding,” says Koumoutsakis.

As a believer in the value of lifelong learning, Koumoutsakis aims to challenge herself not just in the workplace but also in her spare time.

She enjoys taking courses offered by SFU Human Resources to increase her skill set and to keep up with technology. She takes a variety of courses focused on computer literacy and personal development.

“I really like working for SFU because it offers such a positive and supportive environment for growth. It’s encouraging to be able to learn new things and to develop my skills,” says Koumoutsakis.

When she’s not in the office, Koumoutsakis is busy participating in a variety of activities. She enjoys hiking, cycling and attending Zumba and yoga classes.
This spring, Koumoutsakis is running in the Vancouver Sun Run for the second year. She’s been attending regular training clinics to prepare herself for the physically challenging run.

Koumoutsakis is an avid traveller who enjoys her summers in Greece at the family vacation home. She has toured Europe and Mexico extensively. She is also a member of the Port Moody Film Society.