Stephanie Wiley, assistant professor in the School of Criminology, helped raise funds for the United Way.


Stephanie Wiley wins fundraiser debate for United Way

December 03, 2018

Congratulations to Stephanie “It’s Willamette” Wiley for winning the Gnome-It-All Award at the 2018 Faculty Smackdown Event.

A yearly occurrence, the Faculty Smackdown Event brings together 12 SFU faculty to debate silly topics of nonsensical nature to raise money for charity. All proceeds go to support the United Way Lower Mainland, a charity that funds and advocates for agencies helping local vulnerable children and seniors living in poverty.

Wiley, along with her “The Wiener’s Circle” teammates, convinced spectators that a hotdog is not a sandwich. Wiley gave an impassioned opening statement with firm reasons why this meat-and-carb classic should remain a standalone menu option.

“I was thrilled that my students nominated me for this event. I love to have a good laugh, and the event supports the United Way, which is a cause I wanted to get behind because poverty and inequality are closely connected to my research,” says Wiley, an assistant professor in the School of Criminology.

Criminology faculty have now won the Gnome three years running. Past winners include Sheri “FABianator” Fabian in 2017 and Bryan “Cabbage Demon” Kinney in 2016.