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Photo essay: Welcome 2016 first-years

September 16, 2016

By Christine Palka

SFU’s Criminology Student Association hosted FROSH 2016 on Saturday, September 10. The event brought together over 60 first-year Criminology students for an exciting day of team building activities.

“We hosted the event to connect all the new Criminology students to help make the transition from high school to university easier. It can be terrifying to be at a new school – to take lectures in a room filled with 200 people – so we wanted to help ease first-years into university life by helping establish friendships with students in a similar situation,” says Queenie Ho, president of SFU’s Criminology Student Association.

"The event helped first-years meet their classmates, learn about the Criminology program and acclimatize to campus. Several upper-year volunteers were on hand during the event to answer any questions about SFU and being a university student."

The full-day event started by dividing participants into small groups to run an "Amazing Race" style competition that took contestants all over campus to solve mental puzzles and complete physical challenges. The event wrapped up with dinner and an opportunity to ask upper-year students questions about their SFU experience.

Photo credit: Kristen Tsai, Public Relations Director, Criminology Student Association

Over 60 first-year students celebrated the commencement of their university studies at FROSH 2016 held by SFU’s Criminology Student Association.
Obstacle Course: Activities tested students’ manual dexterity using paper cups, beanbags and elastic bands.
Minefield: Teams guided blindfolded members of their team through a maze of plastic cones.
Cookie Face: Participants slid without hands a cookie from their foreheads to their mouths.
Around the World: Students demonstrated their geography expertise by listing countries by their location from east to west on a world map.
Room Escape: Students used deduction skills to solve a riddle to escape the classroom.
Textbook Transfer: Teams tested their strength and agility in multi-legged race to the finish line.
Hungry first-years indulged in a dinner of Chinese food, fruit, veggies and chips.
A big thank you to SFU’s Criminology Student Association and volunteers for running the event!

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