Undergraduate Focus

Why should I apply for admission to the honours program?

January 23, 2020

Are you looking for a way to better prepare for graduate school or law school? Or do you want to give yourself a boost in a competitive job market? Then you should consider applying for admission to the School of Criminology’s honours program.

“The honours program gives students the opportunity to gage their interest in rigorous, independent research before committing to furthering their education in graduate or law school,” says Dr. Sheri Fabian, former director, undergraduate programs.

The honours program provides outstanding students the opportunity to develop strong research skills while completing an independent study on a topic of interest to them. The program dovetails with the criminology major and consists of two terms of advanced coursework and supervised research.

This year’s application deadline is February 28, 2020 for admission in September 2020.

An invaluable opportunity

The honours program will help you:

  • Demonstrate your ability to successfully prepare and complete a thesis
  • Develop strong research skills relevant to both an academic and workplace environment
  • Cultivate quality relationships with faculty leading to reference letters
  • Explore your research interests with a cohort of like-minded students

Start planning for admission early

It’s crucial that students begin planning their admission to the honours program early. Preparation should start a few months before the application deadline to accommodate for challenges along the way.

Key steps to prepare:

  • Meet with an academic advisor to check program requirements
  • Consider your research interests, select a few potential research topics
  • Investigate which professors align with your research topics
  • Determine research topic, prepare proposal, and secure supervisor
  • Complete application form

For more information or to access the application form, click here.