We promote teaching, research, and community engagement with cultural politics, policy and planning from the local to the global.

How do the cultural practices and ways of life contribute to sustainable communities and to a more inclusive society? We examine the interactions among urban, labour, social, economic, education and cultural policy today.

Cultural policy involves multiple layers of governance, from the local to the global. It involves many new actors from citizens, artists and creators, municipal planners, policy makers, advocates, patrons and venture capitalists in complex networks. The cultural economy involves the seamless interpenetration of voluntary, not-for-profit and small and large scale commercial ventures in place-based and virtual initiatives.

Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities
Simon Fraser University
515 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6B 5K3

*News and Announcements*

Centre for Social Studies (CES) awarded 1 million and 846 thousand euros to develop creative tourism research and incubation networks (July 2016)

This project, CREATOUR, is coordinated by Dr. Nancy Duxbury, a researcher at CES and a visiting scholar at CPCC.