From Dr. Tracey Mason-Innes | SFU Community Consultation: S10.05 Student Conduct Policy

February 16, 2021

The following message is sent on behalf of Rummana Khan Hemani, Vice-Provost, Students and International

The university is seeking your input on proposed revisions to the current Student Conduct Policy and its related procedures. 

SFU's commitment to creating a healthy, safe, and respectful learning, teaching, research, and work environment cannot be achieved without a clear statement as to behavior that is unacceptable and may attract discipline or corrective measures.

In response to feedback from community members, the proposed revisions will provide more clarity and transparency for students about SFU’s expectations for behavior, processes available to address complaints and procedural fairness.

Reflecting SFU’s commitment to education and fair treatment and informed by knowledge of student mental health and well-being and cultural differences, the revisions take an educational, developmental and restorative approach to address student misconduct through voluntary processes and Resolution Agreements in appropriate cases and provide for investigation and corrective/disciplinary measures where warranted.

Revisions to S10.05 are being done now, to maximize alignment of, and coordination between, university policies.

We are seeking input from SFU’s faculty, staff and students. Please review the proposed revisions to the Student Conduct Policy and related procedures, as well as the supporting Frequently Asked Questions posted on the Office of Student Support, Rights and Responsibilities website and submit your feedback to or anonymously using the Community Input Form for Student Conduct Policy Revisions by March 9, 2021.


Dr. Tracey Mason-Innes
Executive Director, Student Affairs