From the Office of the University Secretariat | Community Consultation: I10.11 Protection of Privacy Policy

February 24, 2021

The following message is sent on behalf of the University Secretary.

In November 2019 the Board of Governors approved a new Protection of Privacy Policy (I 10.11) to extract the protection of privacy provisions from the University’s Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Policy (I 10.04). The new Protection of Privacy policy was to take effect 2 months after the implementation of employee training. The employee training was launched in mid-December 2020, such that the new Policy took effect mid-February 2021. In preparing the new Policy for publication, it was noted that the Policy (approved in November 2019 but not yet implemented) contemplates a detailed annual Report which is no longer considered necessary. The Policy is now being revised to remove the requirement for an annual report. 

Please provide your input on this proposed revision to no later than noon on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.


Li-Jeen Broshko
General Counsel & University Secretary