February 07, 2014

Mystical Engagement with Blossom


Xiang Yang Art and Chow Poon-Kuen request the pleasure of your company at the opening ceremony

恭請光臨指導 向陽畫會周伴娟敬約

Opening Ceremony

February 7, 2014

Venue 展覽場地

Exhibition Gallery 4 & 5
Hong Kong Central Library
66 Causeway Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Exhibition Dates 展覽日期

February 7, 4pm - 8pm
February 8 - 10, 9am - 8pm
February 11, 9am - 6pm

Ceremony Officiated by

Mr. Szeto Yuen-Kit
Curator (Xubaizhai Chinese
Painting & Calligraphy)
Hong Kong Museum of Art

Dr. Paul Crowe
David See-Chai Lam Centre For International Communication
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, Canada

This Exhibition is co-sponsored
by David See-Chai Lam Centre
for International Communication
Simon Fraser University


周伴娟,原藉廣東東莞,一九四二年生於廣州。寄居香江。 祖雄光公嫻戎略、擅武藝。清光緒年間會試中式進士,光被 閭里。蓋亦縉紳世系,禮義傳家者也。

周氏幼受正規教育,敏而好學,畢業於葛量洪教育學院及華 僑書院,長隨嶺南畫派大師趙少昂先生遊,研習丹青。舉凡 魚蟲鳥獸、花卉山水,窮年兀兀,盡得師傳。趙氏為高奇峰 先生之傳人,譽滿寰宇。然趙師不僅不以邯鄲學步為已足, 尤以不囿於寫實為職志。乃匠心獨運,匯合世界畫派潮流, 毅然為之一變。創中國近代花鳥抽象畫法之先河,光大而發 揚之。

伴娟秉承師命,以藝會友,切磋琢磨;以藝遍敲世界各地藝 林之門,以廣見聞,约而述之,分三個階段:

1.由1963年至1985年間,歷年參加香港及東南亞各方畫展 達二十餘次,歷二十三年,包括港台、日本、新加坡、吉隆 坡、夏威夷、德國等地,其中1979年在香港大會堂展出者, 則為首次個展。

2.由1986年至1990年,在此四年期間,舉行個展覽五次,包 括英國倫敦、澳洲墨爾砵、紐西蘭渥崙、日本京都、加拿大 多倫多,皆獲好評。

3.1994年移居加拿大,1995年由西門菲莎大學林思齊國際 交流中心贊助主辦個展。1996年任教西門菲莎大學之中國 水墨畫工作坊。1997年由卑詩省維多利亞大學贊助主辦個 展。1995年至1998年參加加拿大藝術家聯盟畫會 Federation of Canadian Artists (簡稱F.C.A)。每年均入選展出;其在 1998年入選作品”Kingfisher” 獲頒榮譽獎。

此外,1998年冬,應加拿大郵票局邀請繪製蘭花品種之龍口 蘭 (Dragon’s Mouth Orchid) 及大黃花杓蘭 (Greater Yellow Lady’s Slipper Orchid) 二圖;於1999年春印行新郵,配合加 拿大温哥華主辦第十六屆國際蘭花展;同年參與北京主辦之 國際郵票展。

二零零二年於香港中央圖書館舉辦「天籟畫趣」師生展。二 零一一年至二零一二年為葉嘉瑩教授詩詞選譯《獨陪明月看 荷花》,繪製封面荷花圖,其後台灣清華大學為葉教授出版 另兩本著作,亦延用之。

二零一四年二月將在香港中央圖書館,舉辦個展「與花神 會」,由向陽畫會主辦,加拿大温哥華西門菲莎大學與林思 齊國際交流中心協辦,及贊助出版畫集。

周伴娟定居温哥華後,寄心靈花卉翎毛之間,遣情懷山川風 雪之會,潛心致力創作,寫北美花卉: 蘭花、紫藤、鳶尾 蘭、向日葵及洋芙蓉等,自成一家。作品被台湾國立歷史博 物館,温哥華西門菲莎大學,香港文化博物館,加拿大卑詩 省維多利亞大學美術博物館,中國湖南省黃鶴樓博物館,香 港天壇大佛名家書畫及英國、澳洲、美國、加拿大與東南亞 各地私人收藏。

A Brief Sketch of the Artist

Chow Poon-Kuen was raised in Hong Kong, with family roots in the Dong Guan District of Guangdong Province, China. Her grandfather, Chow Hung Kwong, was a person of great accomplishment, well versed in military strategy and martial arts. He participated in the Imperial Examinations during the reign of Emperor Guang Xu of the Qing Dynasty, and returned home with imperial awards for martial honours. As a result, the Chow family and their heritage have been highly respected in their native land.

Chow Poon-Kuen received her formal education in Hong Kong, where she graduated from the Grantham College of Education and Wah Kiu College. She was both talented and eager to learn. For many years she studied the art of painting under Professor Zhao Shao’ang, the contemporary grand master of the Lingnan School of art. Through years of practice and observation, she mastered the technique and style developed by her teacher, especially in the painting of fish, insects, birds, animals, flowers and landscapes.

Professor Zhao, who was the successor to Gao Qifeng (one of the founders of Lingnan School), was a world-renowned artist. Despite his great achievements, he was never satisfied in restricting himself to a particular style of painting or confining himself to the realism and detail typical of the classical school. He studied different schools of painting and embraced the best influences from both Eastern and Western art, thereby developing his own style. He pioneered the new impressionist movement in Chinese painting.

Realizing the importance of basic training for an artist, Chow Poon-Kuen worked hard to improve herself. Following her teacher’s advice, she began to travel and meet friends from abroad who shared similar interests in art. She also tried to broaden her horizons by exploring different schools of painting and studying prevailing trends in the field of art. The development of her career may be divided into three stages:

1. From 1963 to 1985, she took part in over 20 exhibitions in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. During this period of 23 years, her works were shown in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hawaii, Germany, etc. Her first solo exhibition was held at Hong Kong City Hall in 1979.

2. During the four-year period from 1986 to 1990, she held five solo exhibitions in such places as London (UK); Melbourne (Australia); Auckland (New Zealand); Kyoto (Japan) and Toronto (Canada). All exhibitions received very favorable feedback from art critics and the public.

3. She immigrated to Canada in 1994. She has since held two solo exhibitions: one in 1995 under the sponsorship of Simon Fraser University’s David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication; and another in 1997, sponsored by the University of Victoria, British Columbia. During the 1995-1998 period, her works were selected every year for the juried shows organized by the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). The painting entitled “Kingfisher,” selected for the 1998 show, received an honours award.

In the winter of 1998, Canada Post invited her to produce two designs of orchids—Dragon’s Mouth Orchid and Greater Yellow Lady’s-slipper Orchid. These stamps were issued for the opening of the World Orchid Conference held in Vancouver in the spring of 1999. The stamp design was also shown at the International Stamp Exhibition held in Beijing, China.

In 2002, in conjunction with students under her tutorship, she mounted the exhibition of “Paintings of the Sound of Nature” at the Hong Kong Central Library.

Between 2011 and 2012, her lotus painting was selected to adorn the book cover of Professor Florence Yeh Chia-Ying’s selected poems, “Ode to Lotus,” and her two other books later published by the National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan.

In February of 2014, she held another exhibition, “Mystical Engagement with Blossoms,” at the Hong Kong Central Library. The exhibition was sponsored by the Xiang Yang Art and co-sponsored by David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication, Simon Fraser University, which also provided sponsorship for the publication of the souvenir catalogue.

After her immigration to Vancouver, Chow Poon-Kuen has immersed herself in the enjoyment of all things that Mother Nature has to offer: flowers and birds, mountains and streams, as well as wind and snow. She also experiments with the painting of North American flowers like orchid, wisteria, iris, sunflower and hibiscus and gradually evolves a style of her own.

Chow’s works have been collected by the National Museum of History, the Republic of China; Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada; the Hong Kong Heritage Museum; the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria, Canada; Hunan Huang He Lou Museum, Hunan, China; the Tin-tan Buddha Collection, Hong Kong, as well as numerous other organizations and private art collectors.

信報 2014年3月6日
Article from Hong Kong Economic Journal, March 6, 2014

趙少昂近身弟子 平淡畫出大滿足