Tue, 14 Apr 2015 3:30 PM


Dr. Paul Crowe, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, Simon Fraser University


This seminar will provide a brief report on a multi-year research project aimed at documenting the history, practices and transnational connections between congregations gathered at altars (tan 壇) in honour of patriarchal teacher Lü-tzu 呂祖. The origins of these altars date back to the Second World War and the period of Japanese occupation in the 1930s. It was at this time that four altars were founded in northern Guangdong. During this period leaders of these congregations began moving to Guangzhou and, in the post-war years, into Hong Kong. It was here that new altars were established and eventually, in the 1970s, spawned a new congregation on the Canadian west coast in Vancouver. This report will draw on work that commenced during a visitorship at the David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies (LEWI) in 2012 though the principal focus will be on work conducted in Hong Kong during the autumn of 2014.


Dr. Paul CROWE is an Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities at Simon Fraser University. He also teaches for the Asia Canada Program and directs the David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication. He teaches courses on Chinese intellectual history and culture and on Chinese diasporas in Canada. Paul has taught undergraduate courses for the University of British Columbia on China’s Intellectual history, history of Daoism and a graduate seminar on readings from the Daoist Canon (Han through Yuan dynasties). Recent publications include “Dao Learning and the Golden Elixir: Shared Paths to Perfection,” Journal of Daoist Studies (2014), “Dharma on The Move: Vancouver Buddhist Communities and Multiculturalism,” in Hori, Harding and Soucy eds., Flowers on the Rock: Global and Local Buddhisms in Canada, Montréal: MQUP, 2014, “Response to Armour’s Paper: ‘Thoughts on the Idea of a World Humanities’,” Journal of Chinese Philosophy (December 2012). Under review by UBC Press is a chapter titled “Heeding the Phoenix Pen: Transpacific Scriptures from Lü Dongbin,” for a book on Chinese mobilities and Canada.

Hosted by: Hong Kong Baptist University

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
3:30–5:00 pm

DLB 702, 7/F, David C. Lam Building, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

The David Lam Centre is grateful for the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in sponsoring this event.