2009 Chinatown and Beyond Conference

In May 2009 an international conference on the world’s Chinatowns was held at Simon Fraser University in cooperation with LEWI at Hong Kong Baptist University.

This event provided a forum for the interdisciplinary examination of the historical development, global significance, key characteristics, evolution and future of the world’s “Chinatowns”. A Chinatown is both a demographic entity of cultural insularity outside of greater China and a psychological phenomenon. This interdisciplinary conference examined Chinatowns as working communities that have often emerged in urban areas where mutual benevolence in the face of poverty, racism and loneliness created social cohesion and subsequently a broad array of distinctive economic, social and cultural activities along with a unique infrastructure.

The conference proceedings were published in 2010 and a limited number are available through the David Lam Centre.

Conference video archive

David Chuen-yan Lai, Prof. Emeritus, Geography, University of Victoria. “Transformation of Chinatowns”
Henry Yu, Associate Professor, History, University of British Columbia. "Chinatowns Past for Our Future"
Alison Marshall, Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Brandon University. “Sun Yatsen on the Prairies”
Jessica Chen, City of Vancouver Planning Department.
Fred Mah, Chinatown Society Heritage Buildings Association
Inge Roecker, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of British Columbia
Dan Abramson, Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Urban Design and Planning University of Washington
John W. Berry, Emeritus Professor, Psychology, Queen's University. “Acculturation and Adaptation of Immigrants”
Éva S.Kriszt, Rector and Judit Hidasi, Dean, Budapest Business School. “Chinese Presence in Hungary”
K L Alex Lau, Associate Professor, Law, Hong Kong Baptist University. “Immigration and Nationality Anomalies of Hong Kong 1842-1997: The Chinatown in China”
David Mcilwraith and Rina Fraticelli, Wild Zone Films
Rosalie Tung, Ming & Stella Wong Professor of International Business, Faculty of Business Administration, Simon Fraser University. “The Role of the Diaspora in Trade Facilitation”
Hye-Soon Kim, Professor, Sociology, Keimyung University. “Chinese Immigrant Community or Ethnic Enclave: A Challenge in One Ethnic and Consanguine South Korea”
Shuyu Kong, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Asia-Canada Program, Simon Fraser University. “Performing Multicultural Citizenship: Current Affair Talk Shows and Locally Produced Chinese TV in Metro Vancouver”
Ian Song, Digital Initiative Coordinator, Simon Fraser University Library. “Preserving History and Building the Future: The Multicultural Canada – Chinese Times Project”
Fan Hu and Ning Wang, Communications, Hong Kong Baptist University and Li Jiang, Communications, Cornell University. “Chinese Diasporic Communities Online and Offline: The Effects of Internet Use on Offline Involvement and Participation”
Media Roundtable