Professional Master's Programs

Purpose and Characteristics

There is no simple distinction between research-intensive and professional programs. However, there seems to be general agreement that professional programs have the following characteristics:

  1. Students acquire knowledge and skills relevant to defined career areas.
  2. The program provides exposure to a profession through one or more of the following: co-op/intern opportunities; case studies; interaction with members of professions; applied research opportunities.
  3. A requirement of the program is that students apply what they have learned to "real life" situations or problems, through theses, projects or other examinable media; the intent of such a requirement is to develop critical, inquiring attitudes in those pursuing a profession.
  4. Acquisition of a professional graduate degree is likely to enhance employment opportunities and/or salary levels.

Criteria and Guidelines

Proposal Format and Approval Process

Please follow the proposal format and approval process for either a new program (NOI and FPP), or a Cohort Special Arrangement (CSAR) program.

Sample Proposals

* Professional Master's Program in Big Data (S.14-32).pdf
Approved under Special Arrangements
* Master's of Financial Risk Management (S.08-49).pdf
Approved as a Full Program Proposal