Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Awards for Excellence

Simon Fraser University presents the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Award for Leadership annually to individuals who have made significant contributions to leadership in graduate student development and the graduate student enterprise at SFU.

Up to three awards may be made each year, each consisting of a prize of a $1000 graduate student travel award that will be disbursed in the following academic year to a graduate student of the award recipient’s choice to attend a conference to present a paper.

Minimally one award each will be in the two categories defined by the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies: Fine Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences and Engineering/Medical Sciences/Natural Sciences.

In addition, the recipient’s name is inscribed on a permanent plaque in the Thesis Defence Room.

Nomination and Selection
Continuing tenured or tenure-track faculty members who have been active in graduate student supervision/affairs in various capacities for a minimum of two years, and who have contributed significantly in areas such as graduate student development and/or advancement of the graduate studies enterprise, shall be eligible for this DGS Award.

Individuals from the SFU community whose contributions are in accord with the criteria for this award may be considered. Nominations for this award may come from current or former students, staff, colleagues, or administrative personnel, and must be received by March 15.

Re-nominations - nominations from the previous year will be considered only if they meet all of the conditions of the initial nomination. The package must include: a current nominations form signed by the nominee and all nominators; new letters of support from the Graduate Program Chair AND/OR Department Chair or Dean; new letters or documents of support from graduate students, and an updated CV.


  • Stimulates graduate students to think creatively and critically
  • Participates in workshops aimed to enhance the graduate student experience
  • Creates mechanisms for students to develop as scholars and as members of the greater community
  • Develops innovative strategies/policies/procedures to address substantive graduate student issues
  • Demonstrated commitment to the graduate student learning experience
  • Develops mechanisms to foster research/performance and/or practice-based skill development
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for and innovation in graduate student instruction/teaching
  • Provides exceptional guidance to students, such as recruitment, applying for internal/external financial support, career planning, etc.


  • Call for Nominations Deadline: March 15 yearly.
  • Nominations should include a completed nomination form and nomination letter from the Graduate Program Chair and graduate students. The nomination letter should profile the nominee's contributions to leadership in graduate student development.
  • Required documents:
    • Supporting letter from Graduate Program Chair AND/OR supporting letter from Department Chair or Dean
    • Abbreviated CV outlining nominee's record related to leadership in graduate studies
    • Supporting documents or letters from graduate students
  • Email correspondence may be sent to to nominee's graduate caucus requesting an evaluation of the nominee's history of leadership.
  • The committee adjudicates the awards based on the criteria above.
  • The awards will be presented to the winners at a graduate awards ceremony in the following year.