Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Awards for Excellence

Simon Fraser University presents the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Award for Excellence in Service annually to a member of the Simon Fraser University staff who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to graduate education at SFU.

The recipient will receive a letter of acknowledgement. In addition, the recipient’s name is inscribed on a permanent plaque in the Thesis Defence Room.

The Award is open to all members of the administrative and support staff in the Office of Graduate Studies, as well as administrative staff in academic departments who are involved in the support of graduate studies.

Nomination and Selection
Simon Fraser University staff, students, faculty, alumni, and members of the general community may nominate candidates for the award.

Re-nominations - nominations from the previous year will be considered only if they meet all of the conditions of the initial nomination. The package must include: a current nominations form signed by the nominee and all nominators; new letters of support from the Graduate Program Chair AND/OR Department Chair or Dean; new letters or documents of support from graduate students, and an updated résumé.


  • Dedication to the department/program/office in the service of graduate students, its clientele and the public in a way that contributes to the University community
  • Service beyond the call of duty
  • Initiative
  • Significant achievement


  • Call for Nominations Deadline: March 15
  • Nominations should include a completed nomination form and nomination letter from the Graduate Program Chair and graduate students. The nomination letter should profile the nominee's contributions to graduate studies in the unit or office and in the university as a whole.
  • Required documents:
    • Supporting letter from Graduate Program Chair AND/OR supporting letter from Department Chair or Dean
    • Abbreviated résumé outlining nominee's record related to graduate students
    • Supporting documents or letters from graduate students
  • Email correspondence may be sent to to nominee's graduate caucus requesting an evaluation of the nominee's history of service to graduate students.
  • The committee adjudicates the award based on the criteria set by the committee
  • The award will be presented to the winner at a ceremony in the following spring.