Ebco/Eppich Scholarships

The Ebco/Eppich Graduate Scholarships in Intelligent Systems are open to students registered in various departments, as long as their research projects are related to Intelligent Systems.

The Ebco Eppich Scholarship Competition is applied for online through GA3  - the Graduate Awards Application System. Students only need to complete one online application called the 'Ebco Eppich Scholarships' to be considered for the various scholarships. Students need to apply for the award in their own department - if the Ebco Eppich Scholarship does not appear when you search your Department in GAbe sure to contact your graduate program. 

The application form consists of different sections and attachments, so students are advised to begin their application early. In a section of the application form, students will need to indicate which awards they are eligible for - we recommend reading through the description of the awards below.  

The deadline for students to submit their online application is October 26, 2016 or as otherwise stated by your department.

Departments can access their student applications in GA - the Graduate Awards Application System. Departments must review applications for eligibility and provide their recommendations to the Faculty of Applied Sciences by November 18, 2016.  

The Faculty will review application and make final recommendation to the Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows by December 2, 2016.

Competition results will be posted in GA3 in late November. Students must be registered full-time in their graduate program in the Spring 2017 term (the payment term) in order to be eligible for these awards.


Ebco/Eppich Awards List