MoCSSy Graduate Entrance Scholarship

The Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) Program is an interdisciplinary research and training program at SFU with joint efforts between Computing Science, Criminology, Geography, Health Sciences, Mathematics, and Statistics and Actuarial Science.

The MoCSSy Program will generate mathematical modelling and data visualization techniques that will be applied to elevate the knowledge and understanding of urban complex systems to an unprecedented level.

The MoCSSy Program also offers a Graduate Certificate Program to graduate students to apply their interdisciplinary knowledge to research.

Generously funded from the SFU Community Endowment Trust Fund, the MoCSSy Program is glad to solicit applications for MoCSSy Graduate Student Entrance Scholarships for the Fall 2012 Semester.

These scholarships are valued $2,500 and will be awarded to students who are new to the MoCSSy Program.

Applications for the scholarship must be made through the Graduate Award, Application, and Adjudication System (GA3).

Revised: April 2015


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MoCSSy Entrance