Thesis Completion Fellowship - Reference Only

As of January 1, 2019 the TCF as described here, is no longer available. 

To assist PhD students in completing their degrees in a timely manner, we are piloting a new Thesis Completion Fellowship (TCF). This award has been created to assist PhD students who are coming to the end of their PhD and who are no longer eligible for regular Graduate Fellowships, President’s PhD Stipend or Tri-Agency funding.  This award is by nomination only — students do not apply directly.

Terms of Reference

  1. To be eligible to hold a Thesis Completion Fellowship (TCF), a student must be registered as a full-time, regular (not "on-leave") student in a PhD program.
  2. Eligible students must normally have a minimum first-class (3.50) grade point average during the last year of full-time study.
  3. Students are only eligible to hold the award between their 16th and 24th term; students who transferred from a master's into a PhD are eligible to hold the award between the 16th and 24th term, with the count starting at their master’s program start date.
  4. The Thesis Completion Fellowship (TCF) is valued at $6,500; a student cannot hold more than one Thesis Completion Fellowship.
  5. Award recipients may accept other scholarship support from external funding sources including SFU’s ‘private’ awards (derived from annual and endowed funds), but should be aware that some external awards may restrict students from holding university funding at the same time as the external award.
  6. Award recipients are expected to devote full-time hours to completing their degree; no work related income should be received while holding the award.
  7. Students apply for the award on the Graduate Awards and Adjudication System (GA3); the award application must be supported by
    1. a letter from the applicant’s senior supervisor outlining how this award will assist the student in completing their degree AND
    2. a timeline, written by the student, outlining how this award will assist them in completing their degree.  
  8. Awards are made by the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee on the recommendations of the Departmental Graduate Program Committee.