Multi-Year Funding (MYF) - reference only

As of January 1, 2017 the MYF Program, as described here, is no longer available. 

The Multi-Year Funding (MYF) packages are intended for outstanding incoming PhD domestic and international students. Continuation of the award is conditional on the recipient maintaining satisfactory academic progress and applying for tri-agency funding every year.

MYF recipients will remain a MYF recipient for 4 years after initiation of their PhD program, providing they remain in good academic standing.

See full MYF Award Guidelines:

Simon Fraser University offers entrance scholarships to the best incoming graduate students for full-time graduate study or research. All awards are contingent upon availability of funds.

Please note: Students do not apply for these awards directly.

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  • Year 1-4: Minimally $18,000 scholarship + $4500 tuition award  + TA or RA of minimally $5000.
  •  $27,500 per year
  • Total over 4 years: $110,00

If a student who receives an MYF-I award then receives an external award, the funding will transition to an MYF-E.

PhD: MYF-E (external scholarship $21,00 or less) 

  • Year 1-3 (or however long the duration of the external award): External award + $4500 tuition award + TA or RA of minimally $5000
  • Year 4:  $18,000 scholarship + $4500 tuition award + TA, RA or SA of minimally $5000

If the total of the external scholarship and the tuition award is greater than $26,000 per year, the tuition award will be prorated.

Should you receive an external scholarship valued at $35,000, your funding offer would be revised to an MYF-E as detailed in the next column.

PhD: MYF-E (external scholarship $35,000+)

  • Year 1-3: CGS-D ($35,000 scholarship)
  • Year 4:  $18,000 scholarship+ $4500 tuition award + TA, RA or SA of minimally $5000

TA=teaching assistantship; RA=research assistantship; SA=sessional teaching appointment.

Financial support beyond the fourth year is normally available but is subject to your performance in your program and the availability of funds.  All offers of funding are subject to continued satisfactory performance in your degree program.