Graduate Fellowships

The Community Trust Endowment Funds Graduate Fellowship is a one-semester award valued at $6,500 (effective Fall 2015), available only to Doctoral students in the Humanities (Archaeology, English, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology). The Terms of Reference for these awards are the same as regular GF's, but they are limited only to Doctoral students.
Interested applicants should read the Terms of Reference below to ensure they are eligible.

Eligible applicants should apply using the Graduate Award, Application and Adjudication System (GA3). The completed form and all post-secondary transcripts must be received by the Graduate Program Chair in the Department of intended enrollment.

Terms of Reference

  1. The CTEF Graduate Fellowship (GF) is a merit based award valued at $6,500 (effective Fall 2015). CTEF GFs cannot be divided or split like regular GFs.
  2. To be eligible to hold a CTEF GF, a student must be registered as a full-time, regular (not "onleave") in a Doctoral program in the Humanities (Archaeology, English, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology) and must normally have a first-class (≥ 3.50) grade point average. In exceptional cases, other evidence of outstanding ability may outweigh this criterion. In programs where fees are assessed on a per-credit basis, students must be taking at least six credits to be eligible to hold a CTEF Graduate Fellowship.
  3. Academic merit is the primary criterion for ranking eligible applicants; departments will advise all applicants in advance if additional criteria will be used. Academic merit is based on grades, research ability, and progress in the graduate program.
  4. CTEF Graduate Fellowship recipients may accept other scholarship support from other sources. New or current graduate students holding awards valued at $50,000 or more are not eligible to apply for a CTEF GF or for other scholarship income from SFU sources.
  5. Recipients should be aware that some external awards may restrict students from holding a CTEF GF at the same time as the external award.
  6. There is no restriction on CTEF GF recipients receiving income for work performed during tenure of the CTEF GF.
  7. Students will be eligible to receive CTEF GF support only during the first 15 semesters of a PhD program.
  8. Awards are made by the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee on the recommendations of the Departmental Graduate Program Committee.
  9. Application is made through the Graduate Award, Application and Adjudication System (GA3)

Revised: March 2015