Joy de Cosson Graduate Research Fellowship in Sustainable Transportation Administration

Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide financial support and recognition for a graduate student pursuing research on subjects related to sustainable transportation.
  2. As defined by Canada's Centre for Sustainable Transportation, the principles of sustainable transportation are as follows:
    1. Equity- Sustainable transportation allows the basic access needs of individuals and societies to be met safely and in a manner consistent with human and ecosystem health, and with equity within and between generations.
    2. Affordability- Sustainable transportation is affordable, operates efficiently, offers choice of transport mode, and supports a vibrant economy.
    3. Ecology- Sustainable transportation limits emissions and waste within the planet's ability to absorb them, minimizes consumption of non-renewable resources, limits consumption of renewable resources to the sustainable yield level, reuses and recycles its components, and minimizes the use of land and the production of noise.
  3. The criteria for this Fellowship are:
    1. acceptance and registration to enter or continue in Simon Fraser University in a Master's or Doctoral program
    2. demonstrated academic excellence at the undergraduate level and, if applicable, at the graduate level
  4. Preference will be given to outstanding students entering or currently enrolled in the Graduate Program in Urban Studies.
  5. Students may apply on the online Grad Awards, Application and Adjudication System (GA3) and must be accompanied by:
    1. a current, unofficial SFU transcript and a copy of the transcript of the most recent degree program completed
    2. a concise outline of the proposed or actual research project related to sustainable transportation
    3. one letter of reference from a faculty member familiar with the applicant's work
    4. a curriculum vitae summarizing scholarship achievements and work relevant to the aims of this research fellowship
  6. The completed application and all supporting documents must be received by the Director of the Graduate Program in Urban Studies.
  7. The award will be made by the Dean of Graduate Studies on behalf of the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee, upon the nomination of the Director, Graduate Program in Urban Studies.

Revised: April 2017 / GESR202


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