Peter Borwein Annual Graduate Scholarship in Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Complex Systems

Terms of Reference

The Peter Borwein Annual Graduate Scholarship in Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Complex Systems was established in April 2010 by the IRMACS Centre at SFU to recognize the scientific contribution to the field of Mathematical and Computational Modelling of the Centre’s founder Dr. Peter Borwein.

  1. The award is intended to provide financial support for a student, who in the course of pursuing a graduate degree at Simon Fraser University, creates mathematical and/or computational models for a complex, real-world problem relevant to social welfare, public health, crime reduction, homelessness, or public safety and security.
  2. The eligibility criteria for this award are:
    1. demonstrated academic excellence
    2. full-time registration at Simon Fraser University in a graduate program in one of the following departments, faculties, and schools: Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, School of Criminology, Department of Economics, Department of Geography, Department of Gerontology, Department of Mathematics, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Computing Science, and School of Engineering Science
    3. promise of outstanding achievement at the graduate level with particular emphasis on intellectual ability, originality and ability in research
  3. This award may be held in conjunction with other awards made by Simon Fraser University or other agencies where permitted by those agencies.
  4. The student must be nominated for this award by the Director of the IRMACS Centre. The nomination must be made on the online Grad Awards, Application and Adjudication System (GA3) and must be accompanied by:
    1. copies of all post-secondary transcripts
    2. a statement, no more than one page in length, which describes the merits of the nominee and the mathematical side of the model and the social issue to which the model is related
    3. the applicant’s curriculum vitae
  5. The award will be made by the Dean of Graduate Studies, on behalf of the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee, from the recommendation of the Director of the IRMACS Centre.

Peter Borwein Scholarship Endowment Fund
 To honour all that Dr. Peter Borwein has done for the IRMACS Centre, for SFU, and for scientific impact on society, please consider donating to the Peter Borwein Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Revised: April 2017 / GPSR050


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