Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Here are some of the departmental contacts for these awards. Please note that there may be additional depts where a VPR USRA Sciences can be held; contact gpsaward@sfu.ca for more information.

Dept Dept Contact Email Address Dept USRA Process
Archaeology Merrill Farmer  mfarmer@sfu.ca PAF's by  Kristina Pohl (gpcarch@sfu.ca)
Biological Sciences Debbie Sandher biscugra@sfu.ca
PAF's by biscfina@sfu.ca
Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology Darleen Bemister or BPK Program Assistant
bemister@sfu.ca or
PAF's by Maggie (myeung@sfu.ca)
Chemistry Amber Schroeder chemugin@sfu.ca PAF's by chemfin@sfu.ca
Communication   cmnsmgr@sfu.ca  
Computing Science Allison Mackinnon



PAF's by csfinc@sfu.ca


Criminology Abdul Zahir crimfin@sfu.ca



Earth Sciences Tarja Vaisanen tvaisane@sfu.ca  

Azam Bhatti


Education   edgpadmn@sfu.ca  
Engineering Science

Angela Tai 

Nathan Owen



ENSC USRA webpage
English   englmgr@sfu.ca  
Environmental Science Rebecca Ho evscmgr@sfu.ca  
Geography Anke Baker geogmgr@sfu.ca  
History Judi Fraser histmngr@sfu.ca  
Health Sciences Isabella Silvestre isilvest@sfu.ca
Interactive Arts & Technology   siatgrad-office@sfu.ca PAF's by ldasilva@sfu.ca 
International Studies   intst@sfu.ca  
Linguistics Rita Parmar lingmgr@sfu.ca  
Mathematics JoAnne Hennessey mcs@sfu.ca PAF's by casey_bell@sfu.ca
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Mimi Fourie mbb@sfu.ca PAF's by mbbmas@sfu.ca
Mechatronics Systems Engineering Carol Jang mseupa@sfu.ca PAF's by mechda@sfu.ca
Philosophy   philmgr@sfu.ca  
Physics Ben Lin physgrad@sfu.ca PHYS USRA webpage
Psychology Psychology Manager or Dr. Ralph Mistlberger psych_manager@sfu.ca or mistlber@sfu.ca  
Resource & Environmental Management Elissa Cyr elissa_cyr@sfu.ca  
Statistics & Actuarial Sciences Kelly Jay or Jinko Graham

statgrad@sfu.ca or 


PAF's by statmgr@sfu.ca
Others: Science & Environment Gwen Litchfield