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How to Find a Job on Campus

June 25, 2012

Graduate students can find meaningful employment opportunities in a number of places at the university, from our tutorial system which provides teaching experience to research assistant jobs which provide practical lab experience, to co-op programs and industry internships.

See: employment for graduate students

International Students

You may work part time on campus if you are enrolled full time at SFU and hold a valid study permit. A work permit is not required, however you will require a Social Insurance Number.

“On campus” is defined by CIC as employment facilities within the boundaries of the campus. SFU students are permitted to work at any of the three SFU campuses (Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey). Your employer can be SFU (temporary assignments), a faculty member, the Student Society, yourself (e.g. private tutoring) or a private business or private contractor providing services to the institution on the campus.

For more information on your employment options on and off campus, see the International Services for Students website and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

Spouses and common-law partners of international students may also be eligible to apply for work permits. See the International Services for Students website  and the Citzenship and Immigration Canada website for more info.

Hey I need to work on Campus !
I am an International Student studying in FIC In business administration in 2nd semester ! i have a very flexible time table so can work easily part time in any of the departments.
Kindly let me know how to apply and get a job
Thanks alot
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Please read the blog post above carefully, and follow the links above. That's probably your best strategy to get a job. Also, please speak with the FIC staff and ask them your question.
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Hi Muneeb
Apparently if you are in FIC you cannot work on campus because FIC is not a publicly funded organization. You can work on campus after 6 months AFTER you transfer to SFU.
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I am an exchange student, and I am seeking a part-time job.
My majors of study is Psychology and Social Work.
Hope someone could provide employment.

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i m doing full time MBA here i need a work in campus so please can anybody help me to know where i can work
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International students: Please read the text above very carefully and follow the links to get the accurate information on what kinds of student visas will allow you to work in Canada. Also, please visit SFU's International Student Services Centre and (if you're in Beedie) your department's career services centre. Good luck and best wishes!
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I need a part time job on campus. I live on campus, so I can be flexible with schedules.
I am an international student in FIC in arts and social science department.
Please let me know how to apply for these jobs.
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