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Tip: Online Plagiarism Tutorial

January 30, 2012

The SFU Library has an online plagiarism quiz and tutorial for all SFU Students.

SFU's administrators see hundreds of reports of plagiarism every year, and many of those incidents involved unintentional plagiarism because the students (both graduate and undergraduate) were unfamiliar with what constitutes plagiarism.

This quiz and tutorial is very useful tool for graduate students, both as a refresher to what constitutes plagiarism, and as a tool that you can provide to your undergraduate students if they need a few examples of what constitutes plagiarism.

Here's a sample question from the quiz:

Question 1 of 4: Which of the following statements is FALSE?

  • Citing your sources protects you from committing plagiarism by acknowledging that specific information in your paper has been taken from another source.
  • You don't have to cite the source for a fact in your paper if it's something that most people would already know.
  • There are many different citation styles, and you must find out which one your professor prefers.
  • It is not necessary to cite sources found on the web.

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