Travel Report: Huai Bao, Beijing, China

August 14, 2012

Huai Bao, a PhD student in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, travelled to Beijing, China through the Graduate International Research Travel Award. His report:

I went to Beijing to interview a number of renowned theater artists, officials, academics and students to gather background information for my proposed doctoral research on gender and sexuality issues in both Eastern and Western theatrical traditions.

I interviewed a number of distinguished experts, including: 

  • Adjunct Professor Sun Peihong from China Xiqu Academy, also a former official from China National Jingju Theater
  • Tang Jiahu, performance agent and graduate from China Xiqu Academy
  • Wen Ruhua, one of the leading theater artists from Beijing Jingju Theater
  • Lin Ruikang, official from Ministry of Culture
  • Liu Bing, student from China Xiqu Academy
  • Song Xiaochuan, a leading jingju performing artist
  • Liu Zheng, an accomplished performing artist from China National Jingju Theater

My meetings were highly beneficial to my research. The trip has enabled me to gather substantial background information for my proposed research that largely supports my working hypothesis. Repeat qualitative interviews will be needed in accordance with my research advancement. Unanticipated benefits derived from the trip include exposure to conference and publication opportunities through networking.

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