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Weekly Roundup: August 24

August 24, 2012

In this week's roundup: Tips for surviving grad school, getting published, getting ready for job interviews.

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Future Graduate Students

  • My Graduate School: Graduate School Admission and the Influence of a Stellar GPA
    "One important message was that the GPA has to be high enough to show the applicant has the necessary academic abilities to make it through the graduate program without any problems. This does not require a stellar undergraduate GPA, just one that is good enough."

New Graduate Students

Grad Student Life

  • The Scientist: Whither Science Publishing?
    "Will open access eventually become the dominant mode of publishing science? Are there unseen challenges that await such a dramatic shift? Are there ways to improve the traditional system of peer review, a practice introduced nearly 350 years ago to vet articles published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society?" (See related articles at the SFU Library's Scholarly Publishing blog.)
  • Gradhacker: The Lonely Life of the Academic
    "Despite all of the stress that goes along with being a student and writing a thesis, having limited cash flow, etc., I am truly appreciative for my student status and the time it has afforded me to pursue my research interests. This summer I found myself in the fortunate position to work full time on my thesis. As a result, I have been confronted with what I consider to be one of the biggest demons of graduate work: loneliness."
  • University Affairs: "“My grief lies all within” — PhD students, depression & attrition
    "From November to March is prime time for academic burn-out in graduate programs — I’m convinced of that. Perhaps it’s a seasonal thing; it can be easy to sink into a trough of exhaustion and stress, and not climb out of it for months."

Writing and Research

  • PLOS Computational Biology: Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published (pdf)
    "Close to 200 bright young souls (and a few not so young) crammed into a small room for what proved to be a wonderful interchange among a group of whom approximately one-half had yet to publish their first paper. The advice I gave that day I have modified and present as ten rules for getting published."
  • The Guardian: Who do you think you are? Developing your identity as a researcher
    "If the PhD is a process of becoming and belonging, how do you find a balance between the ideals of the institution and your values as a budding academic?"

After Graduation

  • Chronicle of Higher Education: In Which the Academic Market Looms
    "This last semester, I began reading George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, better known to television fans as Game of Thrones. Martin's novels are probably the reason that I'm now treating this year's job market in history like some epic, dismal battle that I will have to face, shield and sword at the ready." (Read the comments for more tips and perspectives)
  • Insider Higher Ed: So, You Think You Want to Be an Administrator?
    "Applying for administrative jobs, getting them, and doing them isn’t easier than faculty work, but it is different.  I learned how different the application materials had to be in my own job search last fall, which included both faculty and administrative jobs."


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