Secret Spots and First Impressions

Contest Entry: Hanbo Li

September 27, 2012

We're sharing the contest entries from our Secret Spots & First Impressions grad student photo competition.

This photo is from Hanbo Li, School of Engineering Science, who writes:

Looking at the picture, what are you thinking?

This is a hand-made piece of art, using ordinary stones that we can find outside without any special processing. Don't you think it looks like a sundial?

Making one like this may be much harder than you think. The one in the picture took a man as long as 3 days to complete.

Want to find more? There are a lot more on Wreck Beach next to UBC. Go there and make a sundial of your own.

Lying on the beautiful beach, listening to the rhythm of ocean waves, baking in the warm sun and concentrating on this challenging work, you will feel less fickle and more peaceful in your heart.

If you want to further embrace nature, fortunately this beach is clothing-optional. Enjoy!

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