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Weekly Roundup: October 12

October 12, 2012

In this week's roundup: dealing with grad school stress, social media at conferences, job search tips.

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Grad Student Life

  • Science: Gauging Graduates' Gloom
    "Those who thrive and excel may go on to do great things. But for some graduate students, the stress takes a toll. Depression among graduate students is a serious problem—one that experts say is under-recognized. Depression doesn't just cause suffering: It can also harm performance."
  • The Guardian: Is your Facebook page a lie?
    "Talking to fellow students has made me realise how little resemblance our Facebook lives bear to our real ones."

Writing and Research

  • University Affairs: Tweeting out loud: ethics, knowledge, and social media in academe
    "Many of those of us kicking around the academic Twitterverse over the past few days have been witnessing (and participating in) an intense discussion that’s raised issues at the core of academic values and assumptions about knowledge and research.
  • The New Inquiry: My Norm is More Normal Than Yours: Academic Tweeting and Loose Fish
    "Or, wait— did that actually happen? I’m not sure now. When it flew across my timeline, that was the impression I got: that this was a thing that had happened, a real life kerfuffle, and that people were discussing it after the fact."
  • Patter: When senior academics are interested in your work ...
    "I was recently told a very disconcerting story by a supervisor about something that had just happened to one of the doctoral researchers she was working with. I’m repeating it here because it’s a cautionary tale."
  • Inside Higher Education: The Print Fetish
    "Why Do We Love Print? As academic and other publishing move increasingly into digital realms, will we ever be able to fully rid ourselves of the cultural capital print holds?"
  • Philanthropy Australia: Introductory Guide to Grantmaking
    "This free downloadable Guide is written expressly for people who are new to grantmaking and will be involved directly with the process of assessing applications and making grants." (Asks for some personal info to allow you to download the book. Is a good way to find out more about the decisionmaking process behind the granting process.)

After Graduation

  • Matt Might: Academic Job Search Advice
    "The entire process takes about a year from start to finish. Your first chance to fail is applying too late."
  • Inside Higher Education: Breaking the Job Search Silence
    "The job application process is time and resource consuming for those of us trying to get off the contingent merry-go-round and on to the tenure-track."
  • Chronicle of Higher Education: Beyond the One-Page Cover Letter
    "We recently concluded a search for a program associate. Because it is an entry-level position, we received a lot of applications from candidates new to the hiring process. As I read over the 50-plus applications, a few missteps kept showing up."
  • Science: Industrial Postdocs: The Road Less Traveled
    "Many scientists opt for a research career in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, so why not kick-start the process by also doing a postdoc in industry?" (Note: Please see Mitacs Accelerate for help finding funding and industrial internships.)
  • Social Science Space: I Have No Time to Think and Write
    "One of the most frequent complaints I hear from colleagues is that they have less and less time for scholarship."

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