Contest Entry: Wijendra Premarathna

February 18, 2013

We're sharing the contest entries from our Photos of Home grad student photo competition.

These photos ate from Wijendra Premarathna, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, who writes:

Photo 1: "Gorgeous Sunset"

Even though there is no exact best place for watching the sunset, there are places which come close. The Grand Canyon, USA is one of those places to have that experience. When I was studying for my masters in Texas USA, I used to go on many road trips with four of my best friends whom I called "my family away from my home, Sri Lanka". I miss my family-like friends so much. This photo take me back to the good old days.

I took this photo when we visited Grand Canyon National Park in summer 2011 and had to wait for a long time to capture the beauty of nature.

Photo 2: "Joy of Water"

I visited my brother and the family in May 2012 in Iowa City, Iowa, USA. I took this photo when we were walking along the downtown area. We saw a few kids happily enjoying the Weatherdance Fountain while their parents allowed them to have maximum fun. Watching the kids play at the Weatherdance Fountain was actually very fascinating and reminded me of my childhood back in my home in Sri Lanka. I took this photo with the permission of the kids’ parents.

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