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President's Dream Colloquium Video: Rob Williams

March 28, 2013

The recording of Dr. Rob Williams' lecture for the Spring 2013 President's Dream Colloquium on Justice Beyond National Boundaries is now available. Note: The presentation begins at the 8 minute mark. A 30 minute Q&A session follows his presentation.

Savage Anxieties: Global Justice, First Nations' Land Claims, and Indigenous Peoples' Human Rights under International Law
Thursday, March 21, 3:30 pm
IRMACS Theatre, ASB 10900, Burnaby campus

Lecture Abstract
Throughout the centuries, conquest, war, and unspeakable acts of racist violence and colonial dispossession have all been justified by citing Western civilization's fundamental opposition to the irreconcilable differences represented by indigenous tribal peoples.

This Colloquium presentation is based on Professor Williams' recently published book, Savage Anxieties: The Invention of Western Civilization. In the lecture, he will explore the history and consequences of the denial of indigenous peoples' human rights to lands and resources in the West from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans up through Canada's 21st century treaty negotiations with First Nations in British Columbia and its 2007 vote against the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Colloquium Update

We have two more lectures in the President's Dream Colloquium and seats are available for all of the lectures. Please RSVP if you'd like to attend, as we use these reservations to determine if we need to move the lecture to a larger facility. Free wine and cheese reception follows the lecture.

  • Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation: Global Justice requires us to Take Rights and History Seriously
    March 28, 3:30–6:30 pm – Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond. Reserve now.
  • Is Democratization the Most Effective Means to Help the World’s Poor?
    April 11, 3:30–6:30 pm– Anke Hoeffler. Reserve now.

Other lectures in the President's Dream Colloquium on Justice Beyond National Boundaries

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