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Confirmation of Enrollment Request through GoSFU

April 23, 2015

Upon enrollment in a term, you can log in to the Student Information System to print your confirmation of enrollment letter. The letter is produced in real time as a PDF file and can then be saved to disk, emailed or printed.

For the current term

Confirmation of enrollment letters for a current term can be obtained through See below for screenshots.

1. Go to the Student Center: Under the Academics heading, Enrollment sub-heading, click the small double arrow for the drop down menu and select Confirmation of Enrollment.

2. The current term will automatically be selected. Click the Go button.

3.  Click the green Refresh button every 30 seconds until the "view PDF" appears in Blue. Click the view PDF button when it appears and your Confirmation of Enrollment Letter will open.

You can now save your confirmation of enrollment letter, print it or email it. 

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