Mark Jaccard: Climate policy and academic research: Is there a connection?

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Free Public Lecture: Mark Jaccard on Global Warming - Global Justice

February 07, 2013

Mark Jaccard, School of Resource and Environmental Management, SFU (wikipedia) will be speaking at the President's Dream Colloquium on Justice Beyond National Boundaries. Dr. Jaccard develops and applies models that assess sustainability policies for energy and materials, and directs the Canadian Industrial Energy End-use Data and Analysis Centre. In 2009 he was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Global Warming – Global Justice: Trade-Off or Win-Win?
Thursday, February 21, 3:30 pm
IRMACS Theatre, ASB 10900, Burnaby campus
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Lecture Abstract
The United Nations has attempted to achieve a global climate treaty since 1992 without success and humanity is now certain to pass a 2 C increase and most likely a 6 C increase by 2100. The latter will have catastrophic impacts for life on earth; the former may also if we are already on a runaway warming path.

Why have we not achieved a global treaty? Is there any hope of achieving a global treaty? If so, how would it happen and what would it look like? What are the implications for global justice of global warming and the effort to prevent it?

This talk explores these issues.

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