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Research Profile: Ashley Morford, English

November 01, 2013

Congratulations to Ashley Morford, an incoming graduate student who is a recipient of a SSHRC Master’s Award and the SFU Provost Prize of Distinction.

In June 2013, Ashley Morford completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English and First Nations Studies at Simon Fraser University. For her Master's research, she will be investigating literature by indigenous authors.

Particularly, she is interested in indigenous performance literature as a means of deconstructing, recontextualizing, and queering dominant notions surrounding sexuality, identity, history, and stereotypes.

Additionally, Ashley strives to explore indigenous literature in conjunction with British colonial literature. For instance, she would like to focus on the growing body of indigenous crime fiction in conjunction with British colonial crime fiction to see how they can work with and against one another to draw attention to issues of colonization and sexuality and, ultimately, to serve as a decolonizing power.

Secondly, she would like to examine British Gothic literature in conjunction with indigenous Gothic literature to see how the tensions, pressures, and connections between these works can reexamine, reconstruct, and decolonize notions of “the Other.”

She is thrilled to return to Simon Fraser as a member of the English Master's Program. Outside of her studies, Ashley enjoys creative writing, acting, and spending time with her Yorkshire Terrier puppy Sherlock.

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