Research Profile: Xin Zhang

November 07, 2013

Congratulations to Xin Zhang, one of the successful recipients of the SFU-China Scholarship Council Scholarship agreement, signed by SFU President Petter in July 2011.

Born in Shandong, China, Xin received his bachelor’s degree from Shandong University and his master’s degree from Southeast University. His area of focus was neural interfaces. While he was reading papers in search of novel neural interfaces, Xin realized how painful implanting electrodes were for the subjects, and wondered if there was a better solution for interfacing human nerves with neural interfaces. That's when he began exploring Dr. Carlo Menon's work.

Xin Zhang joined SFU this Fall to pursue his PhD in the School of Engineering Science. Under the supervision of Dr. Menon, Xin is working in the field of robotics, with a focus on assistive and rehabilitative technology. Xin is currently in charge of the electroencephalography (EEG) part of the experiments, and will be developing control signals that will be integrated into the robotics systems.

He says, "We're hoping that people with disabilities in their hand could just think about the movement and reach the target with the robot’s help."

Xin adds, “It’s an honour to receive the China Scholarship Council scholarship to continue my studies at SFU. SFU offers me a great opportunity to study in a stimulating academic and multicultural social environment. During my first few months here, I have already encountered people from all over the world. I feel like I am truly "engaging the world."

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