Mr. Gilchrist's AMBA cohort took classes in Creating and Launching New Ventures at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, led by Dr. Michael Burcham of Vanderbilt University.


Ian Gilchrist receives Dean's Convocation Medal

June 09, 2014

Mr. Ian Gilchrist has led engineering teams in the design of clean-technology fuel cell power generators and worked on fuel cells for automotive and transit bus use, including for the pilot fuel cell bus fleet launched for the Whistler Olympics.

His career as a professional engineer has taken him to Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, India, Taiwan, Denmark, Mexico and locations throughout the US. That’s why enrolling in the Beedie School of Business’s Americas MBA for Executives was a huge career advantage for him: He was able to study management issues in the four largest economies of the Americas and then apply that knowledge to his company’s international activities.

His EMBA will also be directly applicable to his current job as the Manager of Test Engineering at Ballard Power Systems.

Dr. Jan Simon, the Graduate Chair of the EMBA program, was effusive in his praise: "Ian was an inspiring and trusted fellow student to his cohort, and was always helping his peers in their learning. He also reached out to the program instructors with constructive ideas on how to improve the EMBA, and he's now helping us reach out to the next generation of EMBA students. He's truly been a great SFU ambassador." 

Mr. Gilchrist adds, “I am grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in the EMBA program.  It was a privilege and an honour to learn from the talented graduate students and faculty at Beedie and at the other schools of the AMBA Alliance.”

On behalf of SFU, we congratulate Ian Gilchrist on his outstanding achievements which are being recognized with the award of the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal as one of SFU's most outstanding graduate students from the Beedie School of Business.

  • Research Project: Backup Power for Mobile Telecommunications: Market Analysis for Alternatively Fuelled Generators in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico
  • LinkedIn: Ian Gilchrist
  • Beedie School of Business: Americas MBA for Executives

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